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About Me

Ashley Undercuffler was born on August 24th and was raised in Royal Palm Beach, FL. Her parents, William Frances Undercuffler and Elizabeth Anne Undercuffler divorced when she was 11. Ethnically she is Irish, German, Portuguese, Dutch and French Canadian. Throughout her life, her father was musically inclined and is known for "The Tom Petty Tribute'' band in the southeast region. Ashley's father put her in a modeling school called "American Model 2000" at the age of 15 where she fell in love with acting and modeling. Ashley relocated to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue her dreams in acting and modeling.

Ashley has appeared in TV shows such as CBS's The Doctors, Supreme Justice &  Murder Book. She has also appeared in commercials for Burger King & John's Incredible Pizza. 

Ashley also spends her time producing her own short films and plays such as The Idiot Who Loved, Linked, The Girl Code, Secrets Can Hide, The Morning After and many more.

Please visit her IMDb for more information.

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